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Worship Status – March 13

    Greetings Trinity members,

    Friday March 13th 4pm

    The Corona virus outbreak has been very dynamic in its spread.  London is not a particularly hard hit area so far, but we are taking measures to avoid potential spread. Naturally things may change and possibly very quickly.  To cover any potential change of plans, I will be updating our website with the latest status and also changing the voice mail greeting on the church phone number. So the Trinity website* and voice message greeting will be the most up to date information.

    Here is where we are at on Friday afternoon, March 13th:

    • We are planning to hold worship on Sunday
    • We are planning to serve communion on Sunday. We will NOT be using the common cup and only using wine/juice in individual cups.  The altar care will be making a few other changes to assist with our caution.  Anybody in contact with the bread or wine/juice will be doing thorough hand washing – which includes the pastor and communion assistants just before communion.
    • We will be sharing the peace BUT avoiding any skin to skin contact.
    • We will NOT pass the offering plates, but rather we will place the plates near the front so that people may leave their gifts there.
    • We are cancelling coffee hour and the gathering time after worship.
    • The Lenten Wednesday Soup & Worship gathering are cancelled (all five churches)

    If you are uncomfortable with how things are happening at worship you can choose to not participate in any part of it.  Furthermore, I will be recording the worship and putting a shorten version on our website by Monday noon.

    IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING WELL please stay at home.

    IF YOU HAVE TRAVELLED outside of Ontario recently, please stay home for 14 days since your return.

    IF THINGS CHANGE and we cancel Sunday worship, we will attempt to have the worship leaders gather at Trinity to record a modified worship service that would be ready for Sunday morning so you can listen and worship at home.

    Please join in the prayers around the country and the world for relief from this outbreak.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Steve Johnston

    Website: PODCAST link … there are several sermons posted.

    Voice Message: 519-432-4832