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Volunteering at Trinity

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but
the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.
1 Corinthians 12:4-6

There are many ways you can volunteer your time and share your faith with others at Trinity!
Many of the volunteer roles require little or no significant time commitment and your participation is always welcome.

Below is a brief explanation of the various volunteer roles that are essential to the ministry and organization of the church. If you have a suggestion that could enhance our worship experience, please approach Pastor with your ideas.


These roles are not complex and require a short orientation with Pastor.

Reader: Read the scriptures during Sunday morning worship.
Communion Assistant: Assist the pastor with serving the wine, receiving the offerings and saying the offertory and post-communion prayers. You will usually wear an alb (the white gown like the pastor wears).
Prayer Reader: Assist Pastor with writing and reading the “Prayers of the People” during Sunday morning worship.
Crucifer: Carry the cross in at the beginning of the service to the chancel (the front of the sanctuary) and out again at the end of the service. You will usually wear an alb.
Acolyte: Light the candles in the chancel at the beginning of service and put them out at the end of the service. Usually you would wear an alb.
Usher: Hand out the service bulletins, take up the offerings, usher people to the altar during communion and clean up the pews after service.
Greeter: Acknowledge church members and their guests as they arrive for worship. Welcome any visitors and answer any questions they may have.

These roles require some training or a commitment to practice sessions.

Projection and Audio System Assistant: Run the computer projection system and/or run the audio system for the worship service. This is no more technical than surfing the internet or using social media.
Choir Member: Sing in choir during Sunday morning service. Attendance at choir practices on Thursday evenings is required.
Cantor/Song Leader: Sing the leader’s parts of the liturgy and hymns and ead the congregation in singing unfamiliar hymns or new contemporary music.
Ensemble Singers or Soloist: Sing harmony parts in a small ensemble or sing a solo.
Musician: Play a musical instrument in the Praise Band, a small ensemble or as a soloist.


Coffee Host: Provide a light snack and prepare coffee and tea for our fellowship time after worship.
Flower Donations: Purchase bouquets or make a donation to pay for altar flowers for a service.
Bulletin Donations: Make a donation to cover the cost of printing the Sunday service bulletins.
Atrium Coordinator: The coordinator ensures there is child care coverage in the nursery when required
and carries a radio into worship so the Atrium staff can call for assistance (fetching parents, etc.).
Altar Care Assistant: Prepare the altar for worship service on Saturday morning and clean up the altar after
Sunday’s service. Training is provided.
Worship Planner: With Pastor and Ross, our music director, plan new and innovative worship services,
including selecting music from our hymn books and other sources.


Establish the menu and recruit volunteers to work with you.
Helpers: Decorate the tables or assist in the kitchen with cooking the meal.
Home Cooks and Bakers: Provide dishes for the lunch.
Set Up and Take Down: Set up and take down the tables and chairs, serve the meal, wash the dishes and clean up the room.

Special Events
: Propose an event to Council and recruit volunteers to assist.
Set Up and Take Down: Set up and take down the tables and chairs and clean up the room.

Seniors’ Worships and Lunches
These occur on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7 months of the year.
Meal Planner: Determine the menu, organize the food purchases and recruit cooks and other helpers.
Cook or Helper: Set up and take down the tables and chairs, serve the meal, wash the dishes and clean up the room.
Baker: Provide desserts for the lunch.
Driver: Transport seniors to the lunch and home again. The rides are arranged and coordinated by our office coordinator.

Outreach Ministry

Northern Hospitality Meals: Currently the meals are served on Monday evenings once per month from September to May, rotating to various locations.
Cooks: Make the meals at Trinity for serving at the hosting site. Preparation is usually done during the day.
Helpers: Set up the tables and chairs for the guests at the host location. Assist with serving the food. Pack up the tables and chairs and clean up after the meal.

London Food Bank: Two or three times a year, assist with packing the food boxes for their clients.


Leader: Organize the current library collection. Order and catalogue new materials. Circulate the collection and displays according to the season or the church year calendar.
Assistant: Reshelve returned borrowed materials and maintain the library area.


Council Member: Provide leadership for Trinity’s ministries and the operation of the Church. The Church Council meets 10 times per year for approximately 2 hours, usually the 2nd Monday of each month, excepting July and August. A term of service can be 1, 2 or 3 years.
Personnel Committee Member: Conduct staff reviews and deal with any staff concerns. Assist in hiring new staff when required.
Investment Committee Member: Review and monitor the investments of the Church.
Treasurer: Track all financial activities for the church, pay invoices etc., monitor Trinity’s bank accounts and attend Council meetings as an advisor.
Offering Counter Coordinator: Ensure there are a miniumum of 2 volunteers lined up for each Sunday to count the collection from Sunday worship.
Offering Counter: Count the offering from Sunday Service as part of a 2 or 3 person team.
Serving on Project Task Groups: Coordinate an Ad hoc committee that has a specific task or project to accomplish with a defined beginning and end.


Newsletter Contributor: Help generate content for the Trinity Times newsletter by soliciting or writing articles or providing photographs to our church coordinator.
Social Media Contributor: Gather stories and memories from our members. Take photographs for our website, Facebook page and other social media sites. Help tell the story of our mission and congregational life.

Property and Technology

Yard Clean Up: Assist with the seasonal work on the church property. Plant bulbs, annuals, vegetables and perennials in the patio area and on the church grounds. Help maintain the gardens and patio area during the warm months by deadheading, trimming and mowing. Rake up leaves and detritus in spring and fall. Shovel the walks and steps during the winter.
General Repairs: Repair minor items at the church upon Council or Property Committee request.
Maintenance: Complete minor tasks such as cleaning and polishing, etc. when required.
Computer and Technology Maintenance: Look after the internet service equipment and the sound and projection systems.



Visit members of our faith community or host other members in your home, at the church or another location (such as a coffee shop, etc.) This is not in place of the pastoral care visiting but rather a fellowship-centred ministry.

Child, Youth and Adult Ministry

Sunday School   * 
Teacher: Prepare and teach Bible lessons to the children with guidance from the Sunday School supervisor.
Assistant Teacher: Help with the children and lesson implementation.
Event Helper: Assist with the Christmas Pageant preparation and any extra offsite events.

Youth Group

Adult Leader: Provide leadership, pastoral care and discipleship training for the youth. Organize events, co-ordinating with other youth ministries like the Anglican Lutheran Stewards of Creation Youth Group (ALSOC) whenever possible. Plan and run fundraising events to raise money for Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) Gatherings and other extra events.
Adult Assistant: Provide support and backup for the leader and assist with organizing and planning events.

Student Ministry

Leader: Organize events for post-secondary students
Cook or Helper: Set up and take down the tables and chairs, serve the meal, wash the dishes and clean up the room.

Driver: Transport students to and from events.
Support: Provide assistance with musicianship. Conduct support visits with the students as needed/requested.