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Volunteer Role Descriptions

This is a short guide to accompany VOLUNTEER GIFTS SURVEY and is to aid understanding of the various volunteer roles that are essential to the ministry and organization of the church.  This is not an absolute list of every part of our ministry.


Reader: Read scriptures in worship for assigned for the service

Communion Assistant: Assist pastor with serving the wine, receive the offering, say offertory prayer & post-communion prayer. Usually you would wear an alb (the white gown like the pastor wears).

Prayers of People Reader: Assist Pastor with writing & reading the “Prayers of the People” during Sunday morning worship

Crucifer: Carry cross in at the beginning of the service & carry cross out at the end of the service. Usually you would wear an alb.

Acolyte: Led the procession in/out of worship and light the candles at the beginning of service and put them out at end of the service. Usually you would wear an alb.

Usher: Hand out bulletins, take up collection, usher people during communion, clean up pews after service

Greeter: Greet people at the door on Sunday and welcome visitors & help them with any questions

~ ~ ~

Running Projection and Audio Systems: Run the computer projection system and/or run the audio system for the worship service. This is no more technical than surfing the internet or using social media and training will be provided.

Choir Member: Sing in choir during Sunday morning service, attend choir practices on Thursday evenings

Cantor/Song Leader: Sing the leader parts of liturgy, hymns and lead other songs as needed – especially for introduction of new music or contemporary music.

Ensemble Singer: Singing in a small ensemble, sing in harmony parts.

Musician: Play a musical instrument in a small ensemble or solo.

~ ~ ~

Coffee Host: Prepare refreshments for fellowship time after worship.

Flowers Donations: Place name on list to donate flowers which are placed on altar on Sunday morning

Bulletin Donations: Place name on list to pay for Bulletins handed out on Sunday mornings

Child Care in Atrium: We provide child care on Sunday mornings from September to June. The co-ordination role is to work with the staff to ensure weekly coverage. The Sunday support role person carries the emergency radio into worship and assists the staff if they need help with a child (fetching parents, etc.).

Altar Care: Prepare the altar for worship service –usually done Saturday morning for Sunday worship, clean up altar after service. Training will be provided.

Worship Planning:  Assist Pastor and music director in planning new and innovative worship services, including music selection from our hymn books and other sources.



Planning & organizing: Organizing menu and food preparation and arranging/leading volunteers in the event.

Preparation: Helping cooking food or bringing in baked goods

Set-up: Setting up for the event; tables, chairs, setting and decorating tables

Clean-up: After the meal, clearing away, washing dishes, tearing down tables and seating


Non meal events

Organize: Arranging event program and leading volunteers in the event.

Set-up: tables, chairs and whatever else is required.

Clean-up: Tidy up, cleaning, washing, taking down tables and chairs, etc.

~ ~ ~

Visiting or hosting other Trinity Members: Being available to visit members of our faith community or to host other members in your home, at the church, or another location (coffee shop etc.) This is not in place of the pastoral care visiting but rather a fellowship centred ministry.



* Police check required

Sunday School                                   

Teaching*: Prepare & Teach Lessons to children with guidance from Sunday School supervisor

Assistant*: Helping with children during Sunday School

Event Helper*: Helping with children during Christmas Pageant and other events during the year.

~ ~ ~


Leader* (Adult): Providing leadership, pastoral care and discipleship training for youth; planning & organizing events, co-ordinating with other youth ministries like Stewards of Creation (SOC) and Anglican Lutheran SOC (ALSOC), fund raising for events.

Assistant* (Adult): Providing support for the leaders, organizing, event planning, etc.

~ ~ ~

Student Ministry

Event Helper*: Participating in student events (usually at Trinity) with meal and room set up and clean up, musicianship, visiting with students.

Meal Preparation: Cooking food for events events (usually at Trinity).

Rides*: Driving students to and from events usually at Trinity.



Monthly Lunches (2nd Tuesday for 7 Months in the year)

Meal Planning: Deciding menus, organizing food purchase, cooks, and other helpers.

Food Preparation: Cook and prepare food.

Serving, setting & cleaning up: Preparing room and tables for the lunch

Home Baking: Preparing desserts for the lunches

Rides: Driving seniors to the lunch and home again. Rides are arranged and coordinated by the office administrator.



Northern Hospitality Meals  (currently Monday evenings once per month from September to May)

Food Preparation: Making meals (daytime) at Trinity for the meals  at the hosting site.

Serving, Set up, Clean up: Serving food at host location to meal guests at the evening meal. Setting up the room and cleaning up after the meal.


Food Bank Volunteering: Two or three times in the year packing food boxes for clients at the London Food Bank.



Leadership – organizing: the library collection, ordering new material, cataloguing, circulating the collection.

Assistant – shelving: return material and tiding the library area.



Council Member: Provide leadership for ministries and the operation of the Church. Council meets 10 times per year for 2 hours (usually 2nd Monday in the month skipping July and August). Terms of service can be 3, 2, or 1 year(s).

Personnel Committee: Staff reviews and dealing with issues.

Investment Committee Member: Reviews, monitors investments of the Church

Treasurer: Keeps track of financial activities for the Church, pays invoices etc., looks after bank accounts, attends Council meetings as an advisor.

Offering Counter Co-ordinator: Ensure counters are lined up for counting collection from Sunday Service

Offering Counter: Count offering from Sunday Service in teams of 2 or 3 people

Serving on Project Task Groups: Ad hoc tasks and projects that have a defined start and ending.



Newsletter Content: Helping generate and solicit articles, photographs and news for the Trinity Times newsletter. We publish 11 times in the year.

Social Media Content: Taking and collecting photographs, gathering stories and event information for our website and other social media avenues.  Help to publish the same to tell the story of our mission and congregational life.

Inviting new people:  Working with others to encourage Trinity members to invite others into church life.



Yard Clean-up: Seasonal work in the church property

Fixing and repairing: Repairing minor items at the church

Maintenance tasks: Minor tasks (cleaning, polishing etc.) from time to time.

Maintaining computers, internet access, and other technology: Looking after the internet access and providing WiFi service in the building. Maintaining the sound and projection systems.