Syrian Refugee Family

Update – the family is arriving today – June 14th!P6130019b

We are waiting patiently for travel news of the refugee family heading to Canada. Meanwhile in Canada … plans are all in place and an apartment, near Westmount Mall, has been rented and furnished ready for this young family Dad (27) Mom (21), son (5 in July), daughters (3 and 1). They are still in Lebanon and our team will get 48 hours notice when we know they will be traveling. Until then – we have not much more to do.
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It has been an amazing effort having the three congregations (St. Andrew Memorial, Redeemer and Trinity Lutheran) working seamlessly as one. In April we brought all the volunteers together to go over the project details and plans so far. Some details cannot be worked out before the family arrive, but we have talked about the options and potential needs. We also had Dr. Kharrat from UWO talk with us about Syrian culture and religious involvement (again we will not know details until they arrive). We have also been blessed by an local Arabic speaking teacher who has offered to be our interpreter for the project.

I want to give thanks to all the support we have had from Trinity people – for the money donated (we believe we have enough for our one year commitment), for the donations of goods and furniture (which helped greatly to extend our money raised), the dedicated volunteers who have shown up, lifted furniture, fixed curtain rods, etc., and given so much time in preparation, and also to the volunteers who have committed to help the family when they arrive. The promise (read hope) was that the family should be here in May, but things are complicated in Lebanon waiting for visas etc.
Peace in Christ
Pastor Steve, Phoebe Kmith, Linda Reynolds
(Refugee Leadership Team).

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