October 2018 – Pastor’s Message


Oscar Wilde once said, “There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Wilde was a bit of an outrageous character and was someone who liked, or rather probably needed, to be in the spotlight. But we do not need to be outrageous to take a little something from Wilde’s words. Can you imagine how the gospel story would read if the religious authorities of the day had ignored Jesus and not talked about him?

The early Christian church almost suffered such a fate after Jesus’ ascension. The local society saw them as a group of rather unimportant people following a rather unimportant character who had been executed as an impoverished criminal. I always find it surprising that this lowly following managed to become the established churches around the Mediterranean.

I see a real challenge to our church today in making our faith lives, together or individually, relevant to the people of the world around us. This is especially critical to youth and young adults whether they have been raised with an experience of Christ or not. What was it that the early church did that turned them from not being talked about to what they came to be? They took care of, and loved, each other and also, they took care of, and loved, those that the rest of society ignored. They reached out in love. Reaching out in love to the world around us is how we can remain relevant. That’s also the example of Jesus. He reached out and loved a world that was in need.

Our question today, is how we do remain relevant in serving the needs of the world around us? Certainly, there is still poverty and injustice in the world, and we do act locally and globally. (Can we do more? The answer will be ‘Always!’) But how do we remain relevant to the local community? Reaching out. Always reaching out. It is in reaching out that we show and demonstrate our faith and make ourselves relevant in serving people’s needs.

Go with God and with Christ in your heart.

Pastor Steve

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