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Food Bank

    London Food BankTrinity members support the London Food Bank with donations of food & paper products on a regular basis.  We also arrange ‘sorting trips’ a few times a year to help pick items for the food bank’s distribution.  This is a wonder opportunity to give with our time. It also makes the work of the food bank very real when you put together a box of groceries and other items that you know the next day will be on pantry shelves of somebody that needs this help.

    At church you can bring items for the shopping cart. These are gathered and taken to the London Food bank, or you can make monetary contributions and the Stewardship group use that to purchase needed items.

    Items Needed – September 2013

    The London Food Bank has specifically asked for these items:

    • Peanut Butter
    • Baby Formula
    • Salmon (cans) – this is helpful for expectant mothers.