Bring Your Bible to Church

A special Reformation event – 28th October 2012.  The congregation was invited to bring their own bibles to church and they did.  We asked some key questions:

Q: What translation do you read/own:  
A: The most popular were the NRSV and the King James.

Q: Do you read your bible during the week:
A: Roughly 50/50 on the yes and no.

Q: How many bibles do you own:
A: One > 3 people ;  Two – Four > 8 people ; More than Five>  10 people
(there were more  than 21 people in church by the way)

Q: What is your favorite story/verse: (we shared some of these during the sermon)
A: I need to get my notes together on this … more to come (Pastor Steve)

Pastor Steve shared his favorite bible story:

“I always return the post resurrection story of the disciples going fishing and Jesus calls out to them to ‘try the other side’ and then they haul in a BIG catch.  But the key part for me, is  eating breakfast on the beach as Jesus feeds us. I want to be there for that meal.”

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