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Booklet Study – Homosexuality and the Bible

    Prepared by Pastor Steve Johnston, February 19, 2013

    In July 2011 at the ELCIC National Convention several resolutions were passed that changed the ELCIC’s traditional understanding and policies relating to homosexuality. These motions change how that understanding had been applied to church policy so that now the ELCIC allows same sex marriages to be conducted within our congregations. The wording of the motions effectively allows each congregation, with their pastor, to make a local decision whether they will allow same sex marriages or not.

    I have developed this document as an aid to the members of the congregation to understand the issue of homosexuality and the Bible. The traditional interpretation of the biblical references to homosexuality have led to church policies and laws of the land to declared homosexuality as a sin, and in past years, illegal. Those laws in Canada were changed in 1969.


    The discussion within this document is not graphic but it does discuss positive and negative sexual behaviours as referred to within the bible and what it means to us, and so this document might be uncomfortable reading especially for youth.

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