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Bible Study – Does God Have a Big Toe?

    Does God Have A big ToeUsing Rabbi Marc Gellman’s book of ‘stories about stories in the Bible’, we will read three stories from this book of short, funny stories of one man’s interpretation of how God cleaned up the “huge glob of rocks and water” that was before there was anything. Each week you should remind yourself of the original biblical story – the scripture is listed, then come with anticipation to hear Rabbi Gellman’s playful thoughts.  Good conversation will ensue … it always does.

    25th April, 2018 – Water All Around | Read Genesis 7

    2nd May, 2018  – Rebekah and the Camel Who Made No Noise | Read Genesis 24:1-50

    9th  May, 2018  – No Lists on the Sabbath | Read Exodus 20:1-21