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Keep Watch: Christ Is Coming

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Last month in my newsletter article, “Church Words Are Peculiar”, I asked “Can you help me put together a list of Trinity’s peculiar words? “  This was not meant as rhetorical and I did receive a list from one person – thank you Daniel. One of his words was “Advent”,  a word that comes from the Latin word adventus which means “coming”.  It is a pretty unique and peculiar word.

The idea with Advent is for us to reflect and prepare for the coming of Christ.  Not an easy task at this time of year.  Much of our world is already preparing – Christmas music, Christmas wish lists, stores loading up with gift options, Christmas party planning, and the list goes on.  So for the church to say stop, listen, pay attention to the arrival of something extremely important, wait for the arrive of Christ, the world might say, “Later, I’m too busy getting ready for Christmas.”  However, the Christmas story was a once and only act – just like the resurrection was a once only event. The birth of Jesus happened only once.Read More »Keep Watch: Christ Is Coming

Church Words Are Peculiar

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One question that I have been asked from time to time is about a line from the Apostles Creed.  In our church life we use a set of words that are sometimes different from everyday life.  But then again, most groups of people, trades, organisations etc. develop sets of words and phrases that mean something particular in their local contexts.

Also given that our English language is a real mixture of linguistic roots from other languages, it is not surprising that the church has its own set of words that are “peculiar”.   Take that word “peculiar” – a word with Latin origins – and it has two different meanings.  The modern usage might often be “different from the usual or normal”.  But the other meaning is also appropriate being “a characteristic of only one person, group, or thing”.   Some of our church words are truly peculiar.Read More »Church Words Are Peculiar