Trinity Closure and Corona Virus

To the people of Trinity Lutheran, London
2020, 17th March

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and communion of the Holy Spirit be with you now.

As our part public duty to help contain the spread of Corona virus, Trinity needs to make the following changes effective immediately and continuing for at least the next three weeks or until we can return to safe opening.

  1. Suspend all worship services and gatherings
    This includes Sunday worship, midweek Lenten services and all social gatherings.

    Ross McDonald and I will be recording worship for the Sunday worship services. These will be available to listen on-line or download to your smartphone.

You can help. If you are feeling well and willing to visit a parishioner who cannot access the internet, you could download the worship podcast and share it with them (bring a Bluetooth speaker).

You can help. If you can make an audio recording on your phone, you could record one of these to include in the worship podcast: the welcome message, prayer of the day, epistle reading, prayers of the people.  Contact me directly.

You can help. Please continue to make your gifts of love and donate to our church. Mail in cheques or drop them off at the office mail box, consider using PAR.

  1. Close the Trinity building to all public access
    The Trinity staff and officers of the church will still have access. The closure would include all Trinity and outside groups.

Exceptions to the building closure can be made for essential access by request through Annette in the church office. The office will be staffed during the normal schedule; Monday to Thursday, 8:15am to 3:00pm

  1. Suspend pastoral visiting
    The exception would be for emergency visits (in person) and I will be available. Contact me directly if you, or someone you know, need pastoral care.

The down side of the social distancing and nursing home access restrictions could lead to social isolation.  Sister Jean and I will make regular contact for pastoral care via phone calls where possible.

You can help. If we discover that a parishioner needs some errands doing, would you be willing to be part of a team to do these requests?  Contact me directly.

You can help. Would you be willing to make phone calls especially to our parishioners who are unable to leave their home? Contact me directly.

If you have other ideas for pastoral care – again contact me directly.
Please join our prayers for our Trinity community, our neighbourhood, the rest of Canada and the world.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

In Christ’s love, Pastor Steve

Contact Information

Church office: 519-432-4832

Pastor Steve Voice or Text: 519-639-8224   |  Email

Trinity’s Website

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