Student Life at Trinity

Welcome, Fanshawe and Western Students!  

Trinity’s student ministry program is taking shape. As a worshipping community, we are open and welcoming to all students from Fanshawe and Western. We are a multigenerational Christian Community of people who love God, are saved by grace through faith, and celebrate His glory. Through our worship services, weekly programs and everyday lives, we apply with joy our talents and abilities, guided by the Holy Spirit in hope and love, to make known and to further God’s kingdom. Students, we invite you to be a part of what God is doing at Trinity.

In addition to our Sunday morning worship service, here are a few ways you can get connected.


Have you ever noticed how Jesus spent most of his time? He didn’t start a program or a school. Instead, he invested in the lives of 12 men – his disciples. He realized that his investment in their lives would have an impact on the lives of millions for many years to come. In this same way, we are also passionate about investing in the lives of students. We want to see students flourish in all aspects of their lives. If you would like to grow personally, spiritually or just need someone to talk to, Janelle would be happy to meet with you. Her office hours at Trinity are Thursdays from 10am – 2pm. Stop by the church to chat over a cup of coffee or contact her to arrange a time that works for you.

Volunteer With Us! 

Trinity has been a part of the Northern Hospitality meal for over 20 years! This community meal is held at 5:30pm on Monday nights at St. Michaels Catholic Church (511 Cheapside St.). As apprentices of Christ, it is important for us to follow in his footsteps; this includes spending time with the poor and marginalized. Join Janelle and a host of other volunteers on Monday nights to serve this community meal and spend time with people at street level.

Collective Kitchen – Coming this Fall!

One of the hardest parts of student-life is having access to home-cooked, nutritious, and budget-friendly meals. The Collective Kitchen is where all of these needs can be met! This is a monthly program where we will come together to cook meals for each participant to enjoy at home. If you are interested in participating in this program or helping with the launch, please contact Janelle.

Janelle’s Contact Info:


Tel: 519-852-6772



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