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Signs of the Kingdom – Studies in Matthew – September/October 2014

    These sessions use the same texts from Matthew that we will be using in Sunday worship in September and October. We are offering TWO bible study times:

    • Wednesday’s at 11:00am to 12:00pm
      (you are invited to bring your lunch and we can stay to visit through lunch)
    • Wednesday’s at 7:00pm to 8:30pm
      (we often move the conversations to a coffee shop afterwards)

    September 3      Matthew 18:15-20: Working It Out

    September 10   Matthew 18:21-35: Extreme Mercy

    September 17   Matthew 20:1-16: More Than Fair

    September 24   Matthew 21:23-32: Who Do You Think You Are?

    October 1            Matthew 21:33-46: The Son and the Stone

    October 8            Matthew 22:1-14: The Host with the Most (Thanksgiving)

    October 15          Matthew 22:15-22: Show Me the Money


    Matthew’s account of the good news shows a Jesus who weaves new teachings from the threads of ordinary life. Matthew weaves in bright strands of ancient prophecies fulfilled, showing the unbroken line of God’s faithfulness from creation to resurrection and beyond. As the fulfillment of both prophecy and of hope, Jesus himself is the chief sign of God’s kingdom. The authority of his teaching is a confirming sign of the kingdom for his hearers.