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Bible Study in Lent: Making Sense of the Cross

    Posted February 2013

    The heart of the cross is an element of mystery that can’t be resolved either easily or entirely. Making Sense of the Cross, gives you the opportunity to ‘listen in’ on a conversation with two people having an open and candid conversation and discussion about the cross. One of the voices knows a little more and assumes the role of teacher or coach, someone who has had the time and opportunity to study the faith in some depth. The second voice assumes the role of someone who is curious and knows a little bit about the faith but brings a lot of questions.  Our own voices will join in the conversation as we read and listen.

    Some questions that will come up in Making Sense of the Cross:

    • So what’s with the cross?
    • What does the cross say about God?
    • What’s the big deal?
    • Did Jesus have to die?

    We are starting a new study series on Tuesday evenings in Lent from 7:30 pm until 9 pm.

    • Chapter 1: Why does the Cross Matter?
    • Chapter 2: Portraits and Perspectives
    • Chapter 3: Ransom and Victory
    • Chapter 4: Substitution, Satisfaction, and Sacrifice
    • Chapter 5: Example and Encouragement
    • Chapter 6: Event and Experience

    Check the News & Events for the updated schedule of study. We will be running past the end of Lent.

    Pastor Steve – 27 Feb