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Bible Study – Gospel of John – October 2012

    We are starting up a Bible Study Group, led by Pastor Steve on Wednesday, September 19, at 7:30 pm in the Schueller Library.

    The first study will be about the Gospel of John. When reading the Gospel of John, we are immediately struck by the poetic quality and the prevalence of imagery and metaphor that is absent from the other Gospels.  In this study, participants will explore how the Gospel of John shows us the depth of Jesus’ relationship to God.

    A Learner’s Guide is required for the course, so please sign up by Sunday, September 9, to allow the books to be ordered.  Donations to cover the book costs (approximately $12) are welcome.

    Wed, Sept 19    1. What is Jesus Relationship with God? (John 1:1-18)

    Wed, Sept 26    2. How Is It Possible for Us to Be in Relationship with God? (John 3:1-21)

    Wed, Oct 3    3. What Does It Mean that Jesus Is the “Bread of Life”? (John 6:25-59)

    Wed, Oct 10    4. Who Can See Jesus? (John 9:1-41)
    Wed, Oct 17    5. What Does It Mean that Jesus Is the “Resurrection and the Life”? (John 11:1-44)

    Wed, Oct 24    6. What Does It Mean to Be a Disciple of Jesus? (John 13:1-35)

    Tue, Oct 30    7. How Does Jesus Want His Disciples to Relate to the World? (John 17:1-26)
    (Moved from Oct 31)

    Wed, Nov 7    8. How Does Jesus’ Relationship with His Disciples Continue? (John 20:11-31)