BIBLE STUDY & ADULT LEARNING – November 2013 to January 2014

On 30 October we are starting a different style of bible study.  We will use the new “animate” series from “Sparkhouse”, a division of Augsburg Fortress.  This study series looks at the Bible, how it came into being and how we use it today.  Here are some of the questions we will look at:

  • How did these 66 cultural history lessons, collections of poems, family genograms, allegorical stories, and community letters—all gathered from sources that stretch across time and place—become the Bible?
  • Does the way we access the Bible change the way we read and interpret the Bible?
  • What do we do with the Old Testament?
  • Why do the four Gospels tell different stories?
  • Poetry, history, songs, letters, prophecies, even dreams—this is the stuff the Bible is made of. So why do we struggle to make sense of the various genres of biblical literature?
  • Is it easy to understand the Bible or not?
  • How do you love a book that’s caused people so much pain?


In the middle of this new series, we will take a two week break and look at Martin Luther’s story and his part in the Protestant Reformation.  This DVD presentation tells of the historical conditions that led to the turbulent times of the 1500’s reformation. The PBS video also tells of Luther’s personal struggles that led him to his new discoveries in the scriptures.

Please confirm this schedule on our home page for these events:

Wednesday evening 7 pm to 8:30 pm

30 October      Animate Bible : Canon | Mining for the Word

6 November    Animate Bible : History | Parchment to Pixel (postponed to 2014)

13 November  Martin Luther : The Reluctant Revolutionary

20 November  Martin Luther: Driven to Defiance

27 November  Animate Bible : Testaments | One Story, Two Parts

4 December     Animate Bible : Gospels | Unexpected Good News

8 January         Animate Bible : Genre | Rhythm of the Text

15 January       Animate Bible : Interpretation |  Scripture Reads Us

22 January       Animate Bible : Grace |  Love Is the Bottom Line


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