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Bible Study | 2015 Jan – Feb

    Bible Study
    The Gospel of John / The Mystery and Images of Jesus

    We will be using 3 chapters of Jean Vanier book “Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus through the Gospel of John”. (The book is NOT required for the class.)

    “The message of this gospel is simple. It is about being chosen to become a friend of Jesus. It is about mutual presence and learning from each other. To live as Jesus lived and to love and he loved.”— Jean Vanier

    • January 14th 7pm (Room 3)
      Meeting Jesus the first time
      Read John 1:29-51

    Jesus attracts a few people who start to walk with him on a journey of faith and transformation. Many young people today are searching for authentic models who open their hearts and minds to a new vision and start them off on this journey of faith and transformation.

    • January 28th 7pm (Room 3)
      A wedding feast
      Read John 1:29 – 2:12

    Jesus reveals that our final destiny is love and that we are all called to a wonderful sacred wedding feast.But to live this celebration the waters of our humanity have to be transformed into the new wine of divine love.

    • February 4th 7pm (Room 3) 
      How do we react to love?
      Read John 13:12-38

    Peter, Judas and the “beloved disciple”: three men who react in different ways to Jesus’ love. Judas rejects and fears love. He pushes Jesus away. Peter cannot understand Jesus. He loves Jesus but wants to do things his own way. The beloved disciple surrenders to Jesus’ love and becomes his intimate friend. These three attitudes are in each one of us at different moments of our lives.