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    Trinity Lutheran Church is a member of the Eastern Synod of the The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) which is a church with range of understanding with socially conservative and liberal factions. However, we are all centered on the Lutheran principle of emphasizing word and sacrament. The word is God’s message for the world and is full of grace and God’s forgiveness. We find that message in the Holy Scriptures of both testaments. In sacrament, we celebrate our primal identity as baptized Christians and we remember God’s saving actions for the world through Jesus’ resurrection to new life with Holy Communion. Since the pandemic we moved to monthly Holy Communion usually on the 1st Sunday of the month. Check the “LIVE STREAM” section on the right side column for dates

    Trinity’s Vision Statement:

    Trinity Lutheran Church is a community inspired by God to share Christ’s good news by what we say and do.

    We are called to:  Tell the Good News, learn the Good News, live the Good News and rejoice in the Good News.