Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church. We worship at 10:30 am each Sunday and we have a nursery and Sunday School program from September through May.


holycommunion Holy Communion
All Christians are welcome to come to the Lord’s table for Holy Communion
 black history month Black History Month
In February Trinity and Redeemer Lutheran Churches will use our outdoor signs for partial quotations from African Americans and African Canadians. The fuller quotations are printed in our Sunday morning bulletins and listed here.
Student Ministry
Are you a student at Fanshawe or Western? There are lots of ways you can be involved at Trinity. Read more.
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Reformation 500
This year we mark 500 years since Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 theses on 31st October 1517.  We are doing intention reconciliation work with our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters this year as well as challenging ourselves to care for the world with the Reformation Challenges. Read more.
If it is in Latin then surely it must be true? It certainly seems to add weight. Many church doctrines are stated in Latin and many of our Lutheran founding documents are written in Latin – starting with 95 theses – that was the moment 500 years ago that has our modern Lutheran church all astir. Read More